NET 30 accounts are reported monthly to commercial credit reporting agencies. To apply for Doreth Flynn, LLC  NET 30 vendor credit account, please complete the application below and remit your $99 monthly fee. The monthly fee is only refundable if your application is declined. No personal credit check is conducted. A business background check will be conducted.  

A Net 30 Account is a way to pay for Doreth Flynn , LLC services  with payment terms while building business credit. Doreth Flynn, LLC extends NET 30 accounts to business entities only (LLCCorporations, Nonprofits, LLPs, etc.). The business can be a new or operating company. This program allows approved business accounts to pay for products or services with payment terms (30, 60 & 90-day options). 

When applying for commercial trade credit, the applicant must be an authorized officer* of the business entity. Federal regulations require that we obtain, verify, and record information for the beneficial owners of an entity requesting a business account. Individuals must who own at least 25% of the legal entity.